Products, Support & Spares

Kiepe Electric UK’s services to operators, owners and maintainers of mainline and light rail rolling stock assist with the day-in, day-out delivery of a reliable transport service.

On-site technical support and materials supplies can be provided in the right place at the right time to keep trains and trams moving.



Kiepe Electric UK has the engineering and design capability to deliver new and approved products for use on rolling stock.  The company can develop discrete components or complete systems depending on the customer’s requirements, and can develop replacement items to improve performance or eliminate obsolescence.

Material logistics can be combined with design and supply to ensure delivery of products to the right place at the right time.



As a major provider of rolling stock upgrades in the form of turnkey projects and overhauls, Kiepe Electric UK is familiar with the delivery of specialised material for installation on rail vehicles.

The company can also offer spare parts and spares management following installation, so that the vehicles and their systems carry on working despite a demanding working environment and occasional damage.  Again, materials logistics can be included in the service provided to ensure that spares are delivered where and when needed.


Kiepe Electric UK offers a range of technical services to the rail industry in support of equipment and systems delivered by its parent, the Kiepe Electric group, and by the UK company.  Short- or long-term presence of technical staff on site can be provided, and can be combined with engineering and design expertise as a full support package.



Light Rail Technical Support

As the local arm of the wider  Kiepe Electric group, Kiepe Electric UK provided technical support for the traction and other electrical systems of Manchester’s trams, which are powered by Kiepe Electric equipment.  Two fully-trained members of staff were deployed on the depot staff to assist the light rail operator.




Spares & Upgrades for Sanding Equipment


Kiepe Electric UK is a leader in the supply of systems to improve wheel-rail adhesion and a large proportion of the UK’s passenger rolling stock fleet is fitted with its sanding systems.  The company has continued to develop the sander product and can supply material to upgrade systems for improved operation, as well as spares to keep sanders in full working order.



Toilet Retention Tank Supply

A fleet refurbishment and upgrade contract required Kiepe Electric UK to design and supply toilet retention tanks for fitment to a fleet of Mark III inter-city carriages.  The company’s in-house engineering and design function developed a new product that is fully approved.  This retention tank product is available for operators and owners of similar rolling stock to install in order to extend the service life of this type of vehicle, which was originally built without controlled emission toilets. <Case Study>