Turnkey solutions

Kiepe Electric UK provides a complete rail vehicle upgrade service from start to finish, with engineering and design, material supply and on-vehicle execution included in a single contract to minimise interfaces, and give clearly defined lines of communication and responsibilities.

Our successful history of turnkey project delivery includes whole-fleet internal upgrades, safety-critical system installation, traction system replacement and more.


A Complete Upgrade Solution

The term “turnkey” denotes a project which encompasses multiple activities within a single contract to minimise the number of contractual interfaces and provide the customer with an integrated service – a one-stop shop approach.

Kiepe Electric UK’s in-house resources include specialists in rail vehicle engineering and design, material procurement and logistics, and site installation.  These services are underpinned by our expertise in project management, production engineering and QHSE management, which ensures effective project delivery and provides maximum confidence to the customer.


Maximum Efficiency

Kiepe Electric UK’s aim is to achieve the most efficient execution of a project in terms of cost, timescales and effort:

  • Design based on the principles of installability, operability and maintainability
  • Engineering targeting simplicity and robustness of the end product
  • Quality, safety and environmental management on a project-by-project basis
  • Production engineering of the installation phase
  • Combining separate improvements in one programme to minimise downtime


Both Depth and Breadth

As well as combining all project delivery activities into one contract, Kiepe Electric UK’s turnkey offering encompasses almost all aspects of rail vehicle engineering.  Upgrades undertaken in the recent past include interiors, traction and auxiliary systems, on-board information systems, passenger amenities, wheel-rail adhesion improvement, ETCS signalling equipment and more.



Carriage Fleet Upgrade

Kiepe Electric UK has delivered a refresh programme on over 100 Mark III inter-city coaches which operate between London and Norwich, with a scope including not only refinishing of internal surfaces, recovering of seats and replacement of tables, but also fitting completely new toilet systems with new retention tanks and at-seat power supply sockets.  This project built on our previous experience of fleet refresh of both diesel and electric multiple units.


Traction System Replacement

In partnership with our parent company – an established supplier of electric traction equipment – Kiepe Electric UK has contracted to replace outdated traction systems on two fleets of electric multiple units owned by two of the UK’s rolling stock owning companies.  Traction upgrades of this kind bring numerous advantages including reduced maintenance, improved reliability and energy saving through regenerative braking.  Braking systems have also been replaced, improving wheel slip/slide control.

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ETCS Signalling

Kiepe Electric UK delivered the first operational ETCS-fitted rolling stock in the UK when it installed the first of three locomotives used by Network Rail on the Cambrian lines in Wales.  We have since fitted two further locomotives with a second manufacturer’s ETCS equipment.  The installation of state-of-the-art, safety-critical equipment on to vehicles that were around fifty years old presented significant mechanical and electrical integration challenges.

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