DLR Front EndRail vehicles need regular overhaul, while passengers expect them to look and feel modern as well as offering more than just a journey.

Kiepe Electric UK offers a range of overhaul services to owners and operators of passenger rail vehicles to maintain condition and meet passengers’ changing expectations.


Re-Engineering a Traditional Approach

Typically, trains and light rail vehicles require periodic attention that is heavier than running maintenance.  Overhaul work may also be undertaken as a one-off measure to make specific improvements.

Overhauls on rail vehicles are often split into two types: mileage-based (generally associated with bogies, traction and running gear) and time-based (including attention to bodywork, interiors and pressure vessels).

Traditionally, this kind of activity is undertaken at a few workshop facilities which may be long distances from the operating area of the rolling stock being overhauled.  However, this also means that cost, time and effort are expended in moving vehicles between depot and works.

Kiepe Electric UK’s experience in upgrading rolling stock at its home depot means that overhaul-type activities can be performed locally and efficiently, with the added benefit that the people who maintain the vehicles on a day-to-day basis remain closer to the changes being made.

As well as the use of normal depot space, Kiepe Electric UK is experienced in the provision of innovative solutions, including the construction of temporary workshop space over existing depot sidings and temporary hire of facilities that are close to the vehicles’ operating base.  These approaches bridge the gap between the need to keep space in depot available for running maintenance and the desire not to move vehicles long distances in order to carry out their overhauls.


An Indefinite Range of Improvements

Time out of service for overhaul can be maximised by upgrading at the same time.

Kiepe Electric UK provides the expertise to integrate and install new systems into rail vehicles of all ages.  The possibilities are constantly growing as innovation produces new ideas.

  • Changes to proportions of classes of accommodation
  • New interior layout
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Improved accessibility
  • At-seat power sockets
  • Interactive passenger information displays
  • Replacement seats and tables
  • Refinished interior surfaces
  • More efficient lighting

Kiepe Electric UK’s engineering and design capability, coupled with its production engineering and site management expertise, mean that specific upgrades on particular vehicles can be combined with general overhaul requirements as defined in fleet-wide instructions, with delivery by an integrated and fully-managed team on site.



DLR Front End

Kiepe Electric UK undertook the overhaul of the vehicle ends of 94 Docklands Light Railway vehicles of the older types B90, B92 and B2K, which included attention to water ingress prevention, replacement of external lights and a repaint giving the vehicles a facelift in accordance with the results of a public vote on which of a number of possible appearances was preferred.