About Us

Kiepe Electric UK

Kiepe Electric UK (formally Vossloh Kiepe UK and Transys Projects Ltd.) is a well known and respected name in the UK rail marketplace.  We trace our history back to the formation of Hunslet Transportation Projects Limited, (“Hunslet TPL”) in 1989.

Hunslet TPL was established by a group of engineers and managers who were previously engaged by Metro Cammell Limited, at that time one of two major suppliers of passenger rolling stock to London Underground and British Rail.

The company was formed specifically to bid for the contract to design, engineer, build and commission the Class 323 Electric Multiple Unit for British Rail, which was won by Hunslet TPL.   In 1990 the company was acquired by Jenbacher, the Austrian train builder.

Changes of ownership, including a period under Holec, took place during the 1990s as the company shifted its strategic focus away from new train building and strengthened its offering to the market in turnkey solutions and rail engineering services. In 1998, the company changed its name to Transys Projects Ltd.

A restructuring in 2001 enabled the company to continue its successful development, increasing its range of services and cementing its reputation as a leading service provider in the turnkey sector of the UK rail industry.

In June 2012 we were acquired and became a fully owned subsidiary of Vossloh Kiepe GmbH.

Part of the Transportation Division of Knorr Bremse AG,  Kiepe Electric is a major supplier of rail vehicle systems including traction for mainline railways and light rapid transport, air conditioning equipment and train management control systems. In the UK,  Kiepe Electric UK currently provides traction equipment for light rapid transit vehicles in Manchester, Croydon and Edinburgh and is nominated supplier for both locomotives and tram/train vehicles. By adding Transys Projects to its international subsidiary network, Vossloh Kiepe is strengthening its position in the UK rail industry.

Our values include a business approach which is intended to exceed industry expectations.  We are very aware of the importance of sustainability and have an exceptional health and safety record. We value our employees as they offer exceptional experience in all areas of the rail industry. Our environmental policy, workplace and community policies reflect the serious approach we take towards these important aspects of doing business.

The unique offer that  Kiepe Electric UK brings to the rail engineering market is our ability to undertake our projects at any suitable location. We have the organisation and capability to take the activity and workforce to the customer, to undertake work within depots or premises leased for the duration of the project, reducing disruption and minimising the down time to the operator whilst executing the work.